Dedicated To Our Community

Cultivators & Growers

We understand that time is money. Safeguard your grow early on with a testing lab you can trust. 

You are working hard to nurture and harvest a high-quality, consistent product. Let us work with you throughout the cultivation process so your cannabis flower is of the highest distinction in the market.

Licensed Processors

We can assist in making sure your product is of the highest quality and purity throughout the entire manufacturing process. We pride ourselves in supporting processors as they develop their most promising new products. From the raw concentrate itself to the most popular infused good on your product line—we are here to help.

Patients & Caregivers

Take cannabis safety into your own hands by submitting your home-grown and produced product for quality testing. We can assist in refining the quality of your home-grown and produced product so you or your patients experience the most therapeutic benefit possible. 

Plant Safe is Powered by Paradigm Laboratories, an established CLIA compliant and COLA accredited clinical laboratory that provides COVID-19 and other diagnostic testing to companies, government entities, care facilities, and more. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Paradigm Laboratories has provided fast and accurate COVID-19 testing throughout the state of Arizona, so community members can stay safe and protect their families and communities. Paradigm takes pride in pivoting its technology to support patients and the public when it is needed most.


Allow us to be your trusted reference lab and assist with your research by testing the product used in your studies. The quality of your research data is only as good as the quality of the product you are using in your investigation.

Let us test your new formulations throughout the product research and development process. Repeatable and reproducible results are a critical element for anyone developing novel medicinal products.

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