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Consistent Results


Plant Safe is the trusted lab partner that understands the cannabis industry’s need for timely, efficient, and consistent results. We are your one-stop shop for high-quality testing on products derived from or infused with cannabis. From seed-to-sale, we accurately quantify safety and quality guidelines using comprehensive testing methods, advanced technology, rigorous research, and development protocols, all with a collaborative and consultative approach. 

Plant Safe customers can count on us to deliver consistent results every time. We have developed a business model with the cultivator, manufacturer, and consumer top of mind by bringing safety, innovation, and consistency to the marketplace.

Our Mission

To provide clean, consistent, and safe products to our community. Plant Safe aims to elevate your expectations of what a lab offers to its clients, partners and community members; bringing to market the fastest turnaround times, rigorous safety standards and consistency in results. By strengthening our clients with unprecedented tools and resources Plant Safe aims to redefine the boundaries of the cannabis space. 

powered by expertise.

About Us

Plant Safe is powered by Paradigm Labs, an industry-leading, state-of-the-art laboratory whose mission is to provide comprehensive testing to the state of Arizona. Paradigm goes above and beyond with dedicated divisions whose sole focus is ensuring testing is accessible for all through comprehensive site services, rapid response and logistics.

With this standard in mind, Plant Safe saw how this collaborative, all-inclusive mentality could translate to the cannabis space. Plant Safe is not your typical lab – we are committed to providing swift and reliable analytics with an unmatched commitment to elevating the standard.

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Driven by passion.

Our Team

We are Plant Safe – a partnership you can count on. We’re powered by expertise and driven by passion.

Our veteran-owned and operated team is comprised of pioneers in the healthcare industry with over 50+ years of scientific experience. Here, you’ll find successful entrepreneurs with decades of professional business and lab expertise. 

We believe in cultivating supportive leaders, knowledgeable staff, and highly efficient customer support and extending that level of service to our clients.


Our state-of-the-art lab features the latest chain of custody technology and testing equipment. Multiple lines of instrumentation allow us to remain extremely agile when navigating the ever-shifting regulatory landscape, eliminating any downtime from maintenance or validating new methods, while also providing us the ability to collaborate with clients on dedicated R&D projects to improve product quality and safety. 

Accurately determines the cannabinoid profile of your product.

Identifies and quantitates trace amounts of pesticide, fungicide, and mycotoxin residues with high sensitivity.

Identifies and quantitates trace amounts of dangerous heavy metals.

Identifies the presence of residual solvents that may be leftover from the manufacturing process. GC-MS is also used to determine the terpene profile, which contributes to the taste, smell, and overall experience of your cannabis product.

Robotic liquid handlers perform the extraction and preparation of your sample along with qPCR to detect and quantify potentially dangerous microbial agents in your product.

Use of automated high-throughput homogenizing and grinding equipment to obtain the most thorough homogenization of your product for our testing procedures. This will ensure that if a contaminant is present somewhere in the product we will find it.

Fully-integrated chain of custody in your client portal, mobile-friendly COA with printable labels for merchandise as needed, tools on trends and analyzing anomalies to assist in lab validation and consistency, as well as analyzing and making decisions for your own grow.

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